Mela Lee and Erica Lindbeck FaceTime Autograph Session September 27, 2019 at 5PM PST

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Thank you for joining Mela Lee and Erica Lindbeck for an exclusive FaceTime Autograph session on Unlocked!!

You'll chat face-to-face with Mela and Erica while they autograph an artwork or photo on camera exclusively for you! You'll have the autographed artwork at your doorstep in a jiffy!


If you purchase an autograph, package or just Face Time for Mela Lee, you'll be entered for a chance to win a Blu-ray copy of Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works. Winner will be selected at random and their name will be announced during Mela Lee's signing.

Choices from Mela Lee:

1. 8x10 Lifeline Ltd Edition Print
2. 8x10 Jade Mk11 Print
3. 8x10 Rin Tohsaka Ltd Edition Print
4. 8x10 Tikki Miraculous Ladybug Print
5. 8x10 Tiki Fire Emblem Print
6. 8x8 Yuki Cross Vampire Knight Ltd Print
7. 8x8 Rachel Alucard Print
8. 8x10 Mela Lee Print
9. 8x10 Mela & her Characters Print
10. 8x8 Mela by Darick Robertson Ltd Print
11. 11x17 Rin Fate Go Ltd Poster
12. 11x17 Rin Fate Stay Night Ltd Poster

*Erica Lindbeck will do her signing at a later time and reveal her artwork during her session.


Package 1 -
1 print signed by each actress; 2 prints total

*Following packages are Mela Lee exclusives with possible Erica Lindbeck prints

Package 2 - Unlocked VIP experience (Only 10 Available)

All the 8x8 and 8x10 Prints plus a a recorded voice message, And hand written Card and a personalized pocket journal

Package 3 - Steal The Stars Platinum Package (Only 4 Available)

All of the above plus two signed copies of Magnolia Memoir albums ( Steal The Stars & Pale Fire) and a Magnolia Memoir Journal with hand written lyrics

Package 4 - The Starlight Package (Only 1 Available)

Everything above including the two Rin posters PLUS a one hour one on one Virtual Tea courtesy of Unlocked.

*All orders will include two free signed Ltd postcards ( 1 Mela Lee/ 1 Lindbeck& Lee) and a Lindbeck & Lee Vinyl Sticker

Download the Unlocked App for the autograph session, you will be given special access. Once you've completed your order we will respond with your details!

All Unlocked Autographs Include :

  • Guaranteed FaceTime interaction via the Unlocked App while your art is being signed.
  • Short Q&A LIVE Panel Preceding Autograph Session - Submit an exclusive question that he can answer on top of your personal Face to Face moment
  • Speedy Handling & Shipping. International Shipping Available.
  • If unavailable during Live Autographs, Unlocked will secure and ship your personalized autograph directly to you.
  • Unlimited Access to VOD Replay of Autograph Session. 
  • Entered into a raffle for a chance to win a Blu-ray copy of Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works
  • In honor of Firefighter’s Appreciation Month, ALL OF MELA LEE PROFITS WILL GO TO SUPPORTING FALLEN FIREFIGHTERS through The California Fire Foundation


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